About NYSS

Over the past three decades, NY Staff Search has striven to help organizations across the country with their talent acquisition wants and needs. Through customized services such as Executive Search, HR Consulting, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, and Talent Acquisition, NYSS offers expertise and partnership on a variety of levels, serving as a vital resource for their clients. Years of experience has enabled NYSS’ talent specialists to predict trends and respond to market conditions in anticipation of client needs.

NY Staff Search History

icon1Humble Beginnings - The 80’s

Armed with her upbeat personality and Brooklyn Tech Diploma, Margaret Murphy set out in a quest for a job to pay for her tuition for civil engineering. Nervous and excited, she landed at the first employment agency she saw. Ironically, she was hired to work for them and seek out jobs for others. Given a desk, a phone and the yellow pages, Margaret embarked on what would become, so far, a 30-year career in the “business.”

The 90’s


Rising through the Ranks

Despite quickly rising through the ranks and becoming the sales trainer for new recruits like herself, Margaret was faced with a problem out of her control. The 1987 Stock Market Crash greatly affected the employment industry and Margaret returned full time to her studies. She reentered the business when she was recruited by a national agency in 1992. Margaret became one of the highest producers in the permanent staffing business in New York City, filling thousands of jobs in dozens of industries.

Post 9/11


NYTempSearch Founded

In 2003, NYTempSearch was founded. With a temp business heavily focused in the financial Wall Street markets, everything was looking positive, as the team was preparing for expansion. By 2007, the company grew from $130,000 in sales to 3 million in revenue.



Financial Crisis

Considered the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, the 2008 Recession decimated the labor market and left many of Margaret’s clients out of work. She reinvented herself once more by staying active with her business and continuing to keep up with the advances in technology. In the past decade, Margaret saw technology grow exponentially, as typewriters turned to laptops, phone calls to texting and email, and the yellow pages to the internet.



NY Staff Search Launches

Margaret launched NY Staff Search, merging both of her businesses to form the perfect staffing agency. The company has quickly expanded since then and now serves as having all the disciplines of staffing under one establishment.



Brooklyn Tech Alumnus

Margaret joined the prestigious Board of her Alma Mater, serving as a Director on the BTHS Alumni Foundation Board since 2012. As an active alumnus, Margaret strongly believes that it was the education she received at Brooklyn Tech that enabled her to not only do well in her field, but ultimately, excel. She dedicates time to helping young adults develop their talent and broaden their opportunities by offering countless internship positions.



Expansion in the U.S.

In 2014, NY Staff Search expanded to locations that now serve as a growing tech industry in PA, Long Island as well as New York City.
In 2015, NY Staff Search expanded to cover markets in California, Colorado, Maryland and New Jersey.

icon1NY Staff Search today

Margaret Murphy and her team at NY Staff Search continue to evolve with the changing industry, economy and technology, but always remain true to their ethics and clients. As Margaret continues to do business with clients she met in the yellow pages from 1985, her ability to predict and accommodate the needs of future clients is impeccable.