Brooklyn Tech Students Win $120,000 for Technology Upgrades

A big congratulations for the team of students at Brooklyn Technical High School who won $120,000 for school technology upgrades in a national contest. Students Alison Collard, Benjamin Spiegel, Hanin Dari, and Riccardo Monico designed an application that was presented for Brooklyn Tech at the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Finalist Pitch Event that took place in New York in March 2016.

The application was designed for smartwatches and was intended to prevent accidents when children are crossing the street. The students plan to keep working with the app to hopefully get it to be used by consumers.

Other prize winning innovations created by students in this contest included: solar-powered electric car charging stations, solar-powered emergency service stations for hikers, and prosthetic enhancements for a wounded veteran.

These students’ teamwork in creating the prototypes for these innovations not only provides them with funding for technological advancements within their schools, but shows promise for the betterment and progression of our society’s safety.

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