Utilizing our wide variety of sophisticated long-term relationships, networks and ever-changing technology, NYSS is an expert at matching the culture of your organization for each individual search. Our highly skilled and innovative recruiters strive to deliver lasting results that exceed client expectations and lead your company forward.

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Our Process

Our unique method has evolved and is perfected based on the ever-changing needs of our clients. We adapt to changes in industry and technology to identify your future distinctive leaders.

  • The Client

    At NYSS, our first step, which is often the most important, is to listen to the client. Definition of the role, understanding of internal expectations and culture and a specific NYSS assessment of our client’s needs provide us with the insight we need to understand who your ideal candidate will be, as well as where to find them.

  • The Search

    NYSS proprietary research and analysis identifies the right pool of executive talent for your search. We utilize our own networks as well as those relevant to your industry. We investigate and qualify prospects thoroughly, heavily vetting to understand their backgrounds and career trajectory to best fit your needs.

  • The Hire

    We continue to listen and respond. We further scrutinize identified candidates and work closely with you through negotiation, offer, and on boarding. NYSS can provide follow-up if additional support is needed; we are here to deliver a rigorous and efficient search, striving always to completely meet your needs.

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  • For the past seventeen years, Margaret has been, and will continue to be, a trusted and valued business partner. Anytime I have had staffing needs Margaret and her team respond with highly-skilled and reliable candidates. The NY Staff Search team is knowledgeable about my business and more importantly my needs. They take the time to get to know their business partners and their preferences and respond with candidates that “fit the bill” from the start. They have expertise and stay on top of best practices in recruitment, onboarding and compliances to name a few areas. If you are looking for a highly skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated HR resource –you should contact NY Staff Search.

    Susie DeFrancis,
    Vice President of Human Resources for Katz Media Group, iHeartMedia, Inc.
  • NYSS truly achieves excellence in what they do and the services they provide in HR support. Margaret and her team have provided their expertise in, onboarding, compliance, best practices, recruitment, succession planning and a number of other areas. They have worked with us to address our needs and concerns proposing comprehensive solutions in a timely manner. Their consultation and support have proven invaluable to the museum.

    Jennifer Baxmeyer,
    Deputy Director Cradle of Aviation Museum
  • I have been working with Margaret for 17 years. What differentiates her from her competition is her ability to listen to what her clients are saying so she can find the best candidates for the job. She takes the time to fully understand your organization and works hard to identify potential employees that will fit in with your corporate culture and support you in your efforts to achieve success. She has helped me build my teams and I have brought her with me to each new organization that I’ve joined. She embodies everything that a partner should be, and I attribute much of my success to her because without great people you cannot be a great manager; Margaret makes that possible.

    Small Business Owner and former Director at Deutsche Bank
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Margaret and NY Staff Search for the last several years. Margaret and her team employ a very personalized approach to meeting the needs of our organization. She takes the time to understand the corporate culture, priorities and to build a plan to address our needs succinctly. During our time working together, Margaret has been able to provide superior HR support and recruitment services. NY Staff Search responds to questions and needs immediately and addresses problems very effectively. I would highly recommend her and her support team who made it all easy and painless.

    Penelope Kokkinides,
    Chief Administrative Officer InnovaCare Health