How To Win Over Millennials

As of 2016, Millennials make up 30% of the independent workforce in America and are continuing to grow as the largest generation of self-employed workers.

According to the Huffingpost, companies should focus and understand three things that separate millennial independent workers from the traditional full-time employees of past generations. They state, that with most Millennials planning on staying self-employed, there is a shift of power in the relationship between employer and employee; employers should be aware of that. Also, companies need to accommodate the fact that employees are merely “working to live” and providing flexible schedules is vital. Lastly, being the generation of “digital natives,” Millennials expect more from the existing tech infrastructure. Companies need to have 24/7 access to all corporate programs on every device, inside and outside the workplace.

Thus, business must be prepared for the rise of millennial employees; as they gain more and more experience, Millennials will ultimately change the workforce and the idea of self-employment.

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